Cult of the Coming Chaos

Information and history

The cult was largely unknown throughout Dovahnei until recent years. They worship beings from the Elemental Plane of Chaos, and recently have taken to worshiping a specific Primordial, Piranoth. The birth of the organization is largely unknown, though it is suspected to have originated in the moorlands of Albern, after a particularly harsh cycle of seasons. It is likely that an ambitious and charismatic individual organized the fearful peasants into a secret mob and from there began to infiltrate various aspects of Dovahnian life.

Recently they have become more ambitions, and have successfully converted a number of frontier settlements to their beliefs. The heroes managed to drive them out of Duntil after they attempted to summon a creature from the Elemental Chaos. The rite was interrupted and the creature was not summoned at its full strength. The ensuing battle left much of Duntil in ruins.


Officers and Other Important Members

Cult of the Coming Chaos

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