Twilight of the Three Kingdoms

An Unexpected Pathway
Wherein our heroes find themselves transported to the kingdom of Khalim.

Trapped in the dark, behind several feet of solid stone, the party collected themselves and progressed in the only direction they could. So they descended down a seemingly endless flight of stairs, towards the unknown.

After several minutes, they perceived the sound of chanting further ahead. Approaching cautiously, they found themselves at a door, the chanting emanating from the chamber beyond. The door was locked simply, and it was without a second thought that the party eased their way through the portal.

Beyond lay an ancient chamber, filled with the sound of chanting and an stunning glow of arcane energy, all emanating from a central altar. Arrayed around the altar were several cultists, and in the middle of them stood Sancossug, reveling in the arcane ritual. The party identified it as a portal opening ritual of some sort, though the details couldn’t be further sorted before the battle was joined.

Mikal and Aukan lept straight into the fray from a raised platform, to varying degrees of success, while Nioi and Thevenin advanced from the other side of the room. Once Sancossug was aware of them he focused his arcane energy into a massive shield in order to ensure the completion of the ritual. The battle was long and frenzied, but ultimately the portal was opened despite the death of Sancossug. Presented with the choice of proceeding through the complex they found themselves currently in or with jumping into the quickly destabilizing portal, a few of the party jumped into the portal. The rest soon followed.

After a jarring arcane journey, they found themselves in a small room cluttered with arcane paraphenalia, filled with several warforged guards. Before all of them stood a man who cut a solemn and intense figure. With a gesture he ordered the warforged forward. They approached Nioi and Aukan and relieved them of their weapons before leading them away. In the meantime Mikal and Thevenin we now face to face with that mysterious being, The Lieutenant. A leader of the arcane special forces of Khalim, he had previously worked directly with Thevenin and has been somewhat of a phantom trailing behind Thevenin.

He led Mikal and Thevenin through the grand castle of Khalim, for indeed they had traveled via arcane winds to the Far East of Dovahnei. The question of why Khalim would risk trafficking with those such as the Coming Chaos was soon to be answered, though not in as satisfactory a way as one might hope.

They were led before the Queen, Talia, and she commended their bravery while also reprimanding them for interrupting the ritual. She was a woman of few words and much was left unanswered. The entire party was soon reunited and ushered out of the castle with haste, leaving many questions in the air and a bad taste lingering in their mouths.

With the hour late, the party quickly located a nearby inn in the noble district, named The Red Maple. The streets were well lit with paper lanterns, strung up in celebration of the Harvest Festival. There they pursued a lead while settling in.

The sun is about to rise on Khalim and many questions must be answered. Where our heroes go from here is their own choice.

In the shadow of the mountains, something stirs.
In which our heroes discover an altar to a long forgotten evil.

The party followed the trail of the raiding party that attacked them, and eventually found themselves in a dilapidated old ruin tucked into the forest. The snow was still falling, giving the ruin a feeling of loneliness, though clearly the structure had been in use recently. The snow was churned up with fairly fresh footsteps leading into the ruin and to the southern side of it. Along the outside of the crumbling structure lay a small henge, and in the center a sort of heart-tree, covered in carvings of a sinister nature, containing vague hints and riddles as to the purpose of the ruin. From the boughs of the tree hung the remnants of several corpses, most likely sacrifices to The Coming Chaos.

Inside the ruin, the party found an altar at the center of the structure, with statues of soldiers lined up along the sides, looking at a point where there appeared to be nothing. Upon further investigation, in a forgotten corner of the ruin, under mounds of rubble, they located a mysterious lever. Upon pulling it, a cacophony of grinding filled the air, and the cravings on the tree started to take on more context. On further exploration, they located a walled in and secured room. On the door of the room was a carving reminiscent of the doors they encountered below the manor outside of Duntil. Eventually they forced their way into the room, and found a second lever. It was secured to the wall, but they freed it and pushed it into place.

Seconds later, in the central altar, a statue rose up from below the floor into the strangely vacant point that the other statues had been gazing at. Before them stood a fearsome likeness of Piranoth, legendary destroyer, worshipped by the Cult. He wielded a staff in one hand, and in his other hand he held a sphere that seemed like the planet Marntahv, and yet not. Something was off, and the effect was chilling. Another puzzle stood before them, this time carved into the base of the statue. A cryptic message calling for worship. Upon solving the puzzle, a door further into the ruin opened, and they hurriedly made their way in, unsure of what awaited them in the dark. In the rush, Kyean was left behind in the ruin, several feet of stone separating the party from the wizard.

Into the dark
Wherein our heroes discover hints of what is to come.

Our heroes, hidden in the brush around the mysteriously abandoned dig site and further shielded from view by the swirling snow of the storm as well as fading daylight, watch as a group of goblins in regalia of the Coming Chaos burst through the trees. At their head is a fierce goblin astride a wolf. He makes directly for the location of the trapped corpse as his warband continues to pour out of the trees.

Taking in the scene, the goblins notice Kyean and Nioi just as the heroes move to attack. The battle is fierce, as the party is split in two. Nioi, tangled in the chains for a harpoon wielded by one of the goblins, fights on at great disadvantage. Meanwhile, Mikal and Aukan tangle with some of the lesser goblins, but in the heat of the battle, a bruiser of a bugbear manages to get the drop on Aukan, strangling him from behind.

Eventually, the goblins are defeated, but not before the wolf-mounted leader managed to beat a hasty retreat. After a short rest to bind their wounds and catch their breath, they followed the trail left by the panicked goblin, arriving at a nearby ruin. It showed signs of use but was strangely abandoned.

A Long Delayed Departure
Wherein ours heroes depart Duntil.

In the aftermath of the events on Torin 13, Kyean pressed on with preparations for the journey to the dig. A few days passed, during which the party spent time and money gathering their belongings and outfitting themselves, as well as getting to know Mikal, their new and unlikely companion. A couple of days later, on Torin 16, the party departed on the road west with their caravan in tow.

After a few hours on the road, as they got deeper into the forest, a winter storm blew in from the mountains, wreaking havoc on the dirt path they were following towards the dig site. Despite valiant efforts and the application of their remarkable strength, the weather bested them and they were delayed when one of the wagons ended up dug deep into the mud. They were attacked by some wildlife, but fought it off with skill before the storm could get much worse.

In the aftermath of the battle, with the wagon dug out, they chose to continue to the dig site, which was not very much further, even in the severe weather. They arrived around dusk, the snow opening it’s white curtains enough for them to see the dig site, eerily abandoned. In the center of the primary dig they found a body, seemingly mutilated by the Coming Chaos. The snow strangely had not accumulated on the corpse, and Mikal suspected it was a trap. Before anything could be done, Aukan approached it and rolled it over with his foot, in the process triggering the trap, altering someone or something in the process. The corpse, seeming animated by an external force, wrapped its arms around Aukan and began clawing at him. They dealt with it swiftly, and with the help of C’Tiel it was revealed that a contingent of cult members was moving their way swiftly. With seconds to spare the party concealed themselves, awaiting their next opponents, and perhaps answers as to the state of the abandoned site.

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