Twilight of the Three Kingdoms

Into the dark

Wherein our heroes discover hints of what is to come.

Our heroes, hidden in the brush around the mysteriously abandoned dig site and further shielded from view by the swirling snow of the storm as well as fading daylight, watch as a group of goblins in regalia of the Coming Chaos burst through the trees. At their head is a fierce goblin astride a wolf. He makes directly for the location of the trapped corpse as his warband continues to pour out of the trees.

Taking in the scene, the goblins notice Kyean and Nioi just as the heroes move to attack. The battle is fierce, as the party is split in two. Nioi, tangled in the chains for a harpoon wielded by one of the goblins, fights on at great disadvantage. Meanwhile, Mikal and Aukan tangle with some of the lesser goblins, but in the heat of the battle, a bruiser of a bugbear manages to get the drop on Aukan, strangling him from behind.

Eventually, the goblins are defeated, but not before the wolf-mounted leader managed to beat a hasty retreat. After a short rest to bind their wounds and catch their breath, they followed the trail left by the panicked goblin, arriving at a nearby ruin. It showed signs of use but was strangely abandoned.



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