Twilight of the Three Kingdoms

In the shadow of the mountains, something stirs.

In which our heroes discover an altar to a long forgotten evil.

The party followed the trail of the raiding party that attacked them, and eventually found themselves in a dilapidated old ruin tucked into the forest. The snow was still falling, giving the ruin a feeling of loneliness, though clearly the structure had been in use recently. The snow was churned up with fairly fresh footsteps leading into the ruin and to the southern side of it. Along the outside of the crumbling structure lay a small henge, and in the center a sort of heart-tree, covered in carvings of a sinister nature, containing vague hints and riddles as to the purpose of the ruin. From the boughs of the tree hung the remnants of several corpses, most likely sacrifices to The Coming Chaos.

Inside the ruin, the party found an altar at the center of the structure, with statues of soldiers lined up along the sides, looking at a point where there appeared to be nothing. Upon further investigation, in a forgotten corner of the ruin, under mounds of rubble, they located a mysterious lever. Upon pulling it, a cacophony of grinding filled the air, and the cravings on the tree started to take on more context. On further exploration, they located a walled in and secured room. On the door of the room was a carving reminiscent of the doors they encountered below the manor outside of Duntil. Eventually they forced their way into the room, and found a second lever. It was secured to the wall, but they freed it and pushed it into place.

Seconds later, in the central altar, a statue rose up from below the floor into the strangely vacant point that the other statues had been gazing at. Before them stood a fearsome likeness of Piranoth, legendary destroyer, worshipped by the Cult. He wielded a staff in one hand, and in his other hand he held a sphere that seemed like the planet Marntahv, and yet not. Something was off, and the effect was chilling. Another puzzle stood before them, this time carved into the base of the statue. A cryptic message calling for worship. Upon solving the puzzle, a door further into the ruin opened, and they hurriedly made their way in, unsure of what awaited them in the dark. In the rush, Kyean was left behind in the ruin, several feet of stone separating the party from the wizard.



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