Twilight of the Three Kingdoms

A Long Delayed Departure

Wherein ours heroes depart Duntil.

In the aftermath of the events on Torin 13, Kyean pressed on with preparations for the journey to the dig. A few days passed, during which the party spent time and money gathering their belongings and outfitting themselves, as well as getting to know Mikal, their new and unlikely companion. A couple of days later, on Torin 16, the party departed on the road west with their caravan in tow.

After a few hours on the road, as they got deeper into the forest, a winter storm blew in from the mountains, wreaking havoc on the dirt path they were following towards the dig site. Despite valiant efforts and the application of their remarkable strength, the weather bested them and they were delayed when one of the wagons ended up dug deep into the mud. They were attacked by some wildlife, but fought it off with skill before the storm could get much worse.

In the aftermath of the battle, with the wagon dug out, they chose to continue to the dig site, which was not very much further, even in the severe weather. They arrived around dusk, the snow opening it’s white curtains enough for them to see the dig site, eerily abandoned. In the center of the primary dig they found a body, seemingly mutilated by the Coming Chaos. The snow strangely had not accumulated on the corpse, and Mikal suspected it was a trap. Before anything could be done, Aukan approached it and rolled it over with his foot, in the process triggering the trap, altering someone or something in the process. The corpse, seeming animated by an external force, wrapped its arms around Aukan and began clawing at him. They dealt with it swiftly, and with the help of C’Tiel it was revealed that a contingent of cult members was moving their way swiftly. With seconds to spare the party concealed themselves, awaiting their next opponents, and perhaps answers as to the state of the abandoned site.


Nice summary. I wonder if we could have saved anyone at the dig site had we not failed the situation with the wagon.

A Long Delayed Departure

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