Currently: The party have become fugitives, having unmasked the vile intentions of some Priests of Bahamut. Nioi and Thevenin have taken shelter at The Emerald Grove’s Weeping Maiden Inn, and Aukan, Klia, and Mikal are across the city, in the Salty Seaman.

On the world of Marntahv, lies the continent Dovahnei. Three young kingdoms have grown from humble beginnings in a world that suffered long ago from earth shattering wars between the primordial forces of Elemental Chaos and long forgotten empires.

The wars have gone from the memory of most, but something is stirring on the edges of our consciousness. Strange incidents are on the rise. Ancient ruins of forgotten empires have been uncovered. Zealots roam the land, preaching the end of days. Under the crust of the world something stirs, and tales of the nomadic dwarven peoples speak in hushed tones of the force which crushed their civilization centuries ago.

Our heroes are an unlikely group. Kyean, the Eladrin Wizard, harbors a dark secret from everyone, even his Praetian employers. Thevenin the Artificer, from the eastern lands of Khalim, wields alchemical mastery to the benefit of his comrades, but finds the past he left behind is following him much closer than he expected. Mikal, the Half-Elven Swordmage, wields devastating combat magic alongside a surprisingly comprehensive knowledge of the forbidden arts of Chaos. Aukan the Goliath Barbarian brings his giantish blood to bear, protecting his comrades and trying to free himself from the stigma of his ancestry. Finally, Nioi, the Dwarven Paladin, wields his mighty hammer as the scion of the ancient Dwarven people, defeated in ages past by the giants and their lords of Chaos.

Together this group will discover the forgotten secrets of Marntahv, and in the process rebuild the foundations of the world.

Twilight of the Three Kingdoms

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